Edges, terraces with Natural Stones, durability and elegance.

We manufacture standard slabs for terraces in Limestones, Sandstones, Travertines  and Marbles  with appropriate treatments for the maximum hygiene and durability.

Durable and clean marbles

Both the exteriors of our home, the facades and the gardens are spaces susceptible to deterioration due to direct contact with the weather and dust.

The passing of the years has shown that NATURAL STONE is the most resistant and durable material.

And what is still important, how easy to clean with pressurized water even accompanied with a little bleach that removes mold in areas with stagnant humidity.

White Limestone

The white limestone Alba, Capri or Marbella are ideal for the edge and beach area of your pool.

They are a natural product and their white color helps to reject the sun's rays so as not to get too hot and can walk barefoot.

Marble inside the pool

Since a few years ago, our clients have begun to decide to use marbles for the interior of the walls and floors of the pool.

A noble material that is not affected by treated water or treated with saline rinse.

Non-slip pool edge

For the humid area where the interior water splashes with the use of the bathroom, a non-slip, soft treatment that does not bother walking is convenient. Nor so that in the case of fall does not involve added damage.

In Mármoles Andrés Marín we make treatments as honed, sandblasted in limestone or marble and also in the pieces to measures that are required to use in the contour of the pool with tranquility

Stones for covered and outdoor terrace.

The limestones are ideal to place both in the covered area of your terrace and in the rest next to the pool.

But it is advisable that the area for food be protected with a transparent anti-stain protective liquid. To protect the micro porosities from encrustation.


Niwala sandstone, Fosil Yellow and Lumaquela are the natural products that are most demanded  by the Andrés Marín Marbles clients.

Why? Very simple because of its characteristics, because they are suitable:

- Adherence. When walking barefoot due to its high percentage of micro porosities.

- Economic. It does not require any non-slip treatment that prevents falls.

- Hot. It is a light beige color that rejects the sun's rays.

- Cleanings. Simple to clean with pressurized water even by adding a few drops of bleach if water and dust have stagnated in any area and mold appears.


For novelty and elegance Andrés Marín manufactures and produces a wide range of travertines from the quarries of Almería.

Roman travertine. It is the best known since centuries since it was in Italy where the first quarries began. Although today it exists in Mexico, Morocco even in Turkey where there is more abundance of deposits in production.

Andrés Marín Marbles prefers to import the raw material for its factory from a Roman-type travertine quarry in Turkey for its lighter and beige tone. It also allows us the best travertine price.

The edge and the pool terrace different.

Another possibility is to differentiate the edge of the pool with different marble colors.

Even a different non-slip treatment can be applied to each.

Here you can admire the result of Pink Chirivel marble in the beach area and the black granite raw.

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