Why to choose a facade in natural stone?

Natural stone, beyond its solidity and elegance, has many more virtues that make it one of the best decorative and functional alternatives, so that we increasingly opt for natural stone facades.

The way both living and building have changed in recent times.

But, fortunately, the architecture has contributed to continue using the stone as a construction material, thus ensuring that its validity remains.

Reasons to choose your natural stone facade

1. Resistance, this is the most recognized quality of natural stone.

If what we want is a facade that lasts for years without changes, natural stone is the best solution thanks to its great durability.

2. Availability and variety, fortunately, natural stone is a product of great tradition in our country. This is why the stone is available in a large number of varieties (cheap or expensive), colors and textures, there are many options to choose from!

3. Changes in climate, long exposures to the sun, sudden changes in temperature, snow, rain, frost ... are not at all a problem for this type of façades.

The stone resists unalterable to these changes of climate, thanks to its natural properties.

4. It adapts to the aesthetics of other materials, natural stone fits perfectly with other types of materials, such as wood or even aluminum, it never goes out of style and adapts to the times.


Advantages of putting stone facades in your house

• Insulation, stone cladding acts as an acoustic and thermal barrier, so it keeps your home cool in summer and warm in winter, does not it seem like a big advantage?

• It does not go out of fashion, it does not matter if the interior of your house is minimalist or rustic, the stone facade goes well with everything.

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