Do you want to know what is the travertine price?

Before speaking of the price of travertine, it is better that we begin by saying for the profane in the matter that it is a limestone. A stone, therefore natural, such as marble or granite. Of all of them, it is one of the most resistant and easy to identify because of its beautiful appearance.

What are the characteristics of this material?

In addition, it is important to know that, although before this type of stones were placed especially in floors, the advances have made that they can and in fact be placed in tiling, coverings and even as countertops.

Due to its porosity the truth is that its use was not recommended in places where the stone could suffer some type of damage. But nowadays, the reality is that travertine marble is advisable in all spaces, provided they have the filling and the appropriate treatment.


The travertine marble and its advantages

Despite its porosity, the truth is that the beauty and hardness of this type of natural stones are its two main advantages. As well as its easy cleaning.

However, professionals also value the play of colors and volumes offered by this type of material. You should know that it is one of the most used natural stones in construction since antiquity and its name comes from the Italian quarries from which it is extracted.

Regarding the price of travertine, there are prices from 18,15€ per meter for this type of stones.

Therefore, its cost ranges from less than 20€, reaching more than 30€. A difference that lies in the finishes, which can be polished, unpolished or aged brush by hand. Finishes among which we can choose the most beautiful travertine for our home.

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