Marble floors

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Marble floors and their prices are an important aspect, but not the only one. It is also important to know in which rooms it is more advisable to choose to put this type of floor, as well as to know the qualities of this ancient building material.

Where to use marble according to its qualities?

The use of marble in construction dates back to the dawn of civilization and since antiquity has always connoted the idea of wealth and power. After having fallen into oblivion, it seems that its use has been revitalized as much by its aesthetic qualities; elegance and durability, as for its natural qualities: solidity, hardness and brightness.

Precisely the etymological origin of marble is marmor, which in Latin means bright stone.

Where can we install the marble?

One of the natural qualities of marble is its impermeability. This makes it a very suitable material for rooms prone to environments with humidity such as bathrooms, swimming pools or kitchens.

Therefore, the marble floor in these rooms is highly recommended.

Marble can also be used as a cladding material in facades, especially in ventilated facades for its excellent energy-efficiency qualities.

If we opt for marble mainly in soil, we must take into account that it is a delicate material that can be easily marked and stained. You need special maintenance and you can not use any product for cleaning.


Composition and types of marble floors

The most abundant component in the composition of marble is calcium carbonate (greater than 75%), the rest of the components or impurities produce color changes, veining and other distinctive characteristics.

The marbles can be:

• Whites

•Cream colour

• Blacks

• Reds

• Browns

• Yellows

Marble floors and their prices depend on the type of finish (polished, chiseled, aged, natural) and their tonality.Call us if you want to request more information without commitment!