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Are you looking for Macael White Marble with the best quality price ratio?

 When you think about using a Macael marble in your projects, the price in relation to the aesthetic qualities it provides is well justified. To demonstrate this, we present below a description of this magnificent white marble.

The marble of Macael. Know the history of it.

 The name is received by the town of Macael, in Almeria. It is suspected that its use and commercialization begins in very ancient times. But it was in Roman times, when it began to carry out an intensive exploitation in the península, so, this marble can be found in the columns and structure of the theater of Mérida. It will continue to be used from then until now, as in the monument to the Constitution of 1978.

 The appreciation that the diverse civilizations that have passed through the Iberian Peninsula has dedicated to it, is not for less because it is a stone with good aesthetic qualities, based on the homogeneity of the products because it has a soft vein drawing, which contributes elegance and simplicity to the spaces in which it is projected.

Discover our white marble. 

Our macael marble is composed of:

83% calcite

16% dolomite

1% Muscovite

Minor amounts of clay and opaque.

 It is a natural stone that is obtained in outdoor quarries by cutting with diamond wire and then processed and treated in workshops.

Outlet of marbles and granites

Some of its characteristics are:

 Its low resistance to abrasion and attack by acids and bases.

 So it is not a good idea to place it on exterior pavements or facades without some type of protection.

 By cons, its use is recommended for interior pavements, as long as there is no intense traffic, as well as on countertops and interior walls.

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