limestone facade

Purchase stone cladding of the highest quality

The coatings as a rule, become the best ally of the interior designers for the ease of installation and the enormous results in decoration they entail.

The cladding of limestone, one of the favorites of followers of fashion trends, as well as others are essential elements with which to put the cherry or customize the final style of a property.

But do we know when it is advisable to use them? We solve all doubts.


What are the optimal conditions for limestone coatings?

We are going to talk about the best optimal conditions for limestone or any other type of stone.

It should be stressed in this regard that these coatings are not suitable in all cases.

That the support is appropriate and that it is in perfect condition is essential to opt for any natural stone for a coating.

Porosity or resistance should be assessed before opting for a coating.

Once the technical problems are solved or rather the technical details, it is time to know how a stone cladding differs. In this sense it should be noted that there are artificial, which are those that mimic and on the other hand there are those that correspond to a coating of natural stone. Coatings to choose both for indoor and outdoor thanks to the existence of natural stone plates for facades. You can choose coatings for both indoor and outdoor thanks to the existence of natural stone plates for facades.


Limestone cladding

It is a perfect coating for both indoor and outdoor. A porous coating of superb durability.

A type of coating available in natural or artificial stone, the natural one being the most expensive and beautiful.


Slate or stone slabs

There are two other examples of coatings with which to decorate a home giving it elegance or any other effect that is intended to be achieved by the most direct route: lining a wall.

Call us if you decide to opt for a limestone lining and thus bet on the decoration in its purest state, we also help you to solve any doubt or suggestion that you have.